How to Train Your Stomach Sound Techniques

If I say “ventriloquist dummy” what do you think? Goosebumps, Dead Silence, Jigsaw or you think about the art of belly voice? Dummies that exist in antiquity does look a bit horrible, with bulging eyes and a look that flat, but with the help of the people who use it (ventriloquist), the doll can look intimidating even look funny with a touch of comedy. Yet today have many ventriloquist dolls shaped funny and attractive colors. You can visit our website to see some examples and find ventriloquist dummies for sale.

What is needed in order to play it is a stomach sound technique. The success speaks with a voice stomach depends on your ability to process sound so it sounds as if it comes from a long distance, while keeping the lips and jaw remain motionless. This time we will provide information that can help you master the techniques of abdominal sounds.

1. Train Effect of Distance
Breathe deeply and get into the air as much as possible. Raise the position of the tongue, position the back of the tongue until almost touching the soft palate in your mouth. Apply pressure with your diaphragm, pull your stomach to strengthen the diaphragm and pressure below the lungs. Remove growl, exhale slowly, making a growling sound when the air is moving out of the throat. Say “aaa” then changed to “help me”. Limit the duration of your workout, each practice session should last no longer than five minutes. This is to maintain the health of the throat and lungs.

2. Hide Mouth Movement
Control the movement of your lips, there is three basic positions lip used when speaking with a voice stomach, the relaxed position, the position of a smile, and an open position. Practice with a convenient sound like a vowel “A, I, U, E, O”. The practice also with sounds that are difficult, using the position “forward pressure” (using the position of the tongue instead of the lips).

3. Practicing Distraction
“Look” the voice, one way to divert the audience is getting them to look for the origin of the sound. Use nonverbal communication instructions, reinforce this impression by answering voice your stomach using a normal voice, up as if you are conversing with others.

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