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Solar Cell, pros and cons

Energy is one of the main problems faced by almost all countries in the world. This is because energy is one of the major factors for the economic growth of a country. Energy issues are becoming increasingly complex as the increased need for energy of all countries in the world to sustain its economic growth would make supplies of conventional energy reserves become fewer and fewer. Visit us and find out about the smart solar box, it’s a guide on how to build an inexpensive and simple solar power bank.

Until now there are several types of solar cells which successfully developed by the researchers to get a solar cell device that has high efficiency or to obtain solar cell devices are cheap and easy to manufacture. The first type is successfully developed is a type of wafer (coated) single crystal silicon. The second type of solar cell is a type of polycrystalline silicon wafers.

Solar energy, natural energy that will not run out and we can wear it wherever we are. When a sunny day, the sun shining on the earth’s energy to produce an average of 1 kW / m ² area, means within 1 hour of energy required worldwide for one year. If the solar energy can be absorbed over 1% of the surface area of the earth, it will cover the energy consumption of the electricity needed for the entire world. The sunlit surface of the earth with a number of very large volumes. Solar panel technology has been developed widely and potential. Having developed a thickness dimension of solar panels become thinner and without losing its function to get an efficient solar energy.

In addition, do not cause pollution or greenhouse gas emissions so as to reduce global warming.
Can be built in remote areas because it does not require energy transmission and transportation of energy resources.

1. Solar cell development is still great need of investment. Some components ranging from solar panels, batteries, LED lights up remains to be imported from abroad.

2. Just for comparison, the cost structure of solar power today is dominated by the price of solar panels are still expensive. The greater the size and capacity of the more expensive solar panels are also price the system.

3. Not efficient when it is developed in a polluted area. Pollution is also a factor that inhibits the development of this technology, as it can reduce the intensity of light that can be accepted by the panel / solar cell. So in other words the energy produced is relatively small.