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Several Types of Sales Promotions

Sales promotion is a term used to describe activities that complement both individual sales and advertisements and make it effective. The activities in the sales promotion are marketing activities other than sales done by individuals, advertisements, and publicities that encourage consumers to buy and drive sales to the success. All of those activities, then, will be the ones that can increase the sale of a product. For example, the activities included in a promotional program such as the launch evolution bonus will be done to increase the sale of the product promoted using the program. Generally, sales promotion can be used to carry out five basic tasks which are as follows:

a. Promote new product launches
Sales promotion techniques with short-term incentives can be used to help launch a new product or a new formulation of existing products. In order to provide long-term effect, the product must provide the promised benefits to consumers. Otherwise, the re-purchase will not happen.

b. Build consumer spending patterns
It is done by persuading beginners or the first buyers to buy again. The success of this type of sales promotions depends on the product. When the products are able to provide the benefits which have been promised, sales promotion can help prevent repeat purchase, and it will build consumer shopping patterns of the product.

c. Increase product sales Bridesmaids
Sales promotion can not only increase sales of a product, but can also affect the increase in product sales retinue, for example, an increase.

d. Increase the use of a product.
By introducing the use of a new or additional thing to existing products through sales promotion, the usage of the product can often be improved.

e. Neutralize the promotional activities of competitors
Sales promotions are often used to offset the activities of competitors, especially those using an effective media campaign. The aim is to maintain the existing consumers. Leader companies which have to protect the shared brands against external attacks often use sales promotion in this way.