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The effect of applying the model Blended Learning with the Help Whiteboard Animation Video on the problem solving and understanding the concept of junior high school students.

Internet technology is growing rapidly. Bandwich the greater availability of Internet access and lead to faster and more cheaply. This provides an opportunity for all sectors not to mention the field of education and learning. In some schools may use the Internet is still used as a tool applied sporadically in the sense that sometimes working and sometimes not. Therefore there is some influence on see whiteboard animation videos, namely:

1. Online Learning Activities Supported by the Company through the video interesting material.
Design BLBWAV used in this study is flipped method, which provides learning materials in the form of whiteboard animation video that contains explanations of the material in exposition. It is of course greatly assist students in the experimental group 2 things: flexibility in terms of time and place of learning. In terms of learning, students can repeat learning as much as they want. Secondly, the explanation of structured learning materials through whiteboard animation using expositions dialogical approach is helpful in understanding the material so well that they are better prepared for the follow-face learning in the classroom.

2. Discussion of Online that build confidence and curiosity.
Learning blended learning with a view whiteboard animation provides an opportunity for students to discuss and ask questions about the learning materials freely so as to provide a broad space for students to express thoughts, opinions, feelings or problems encountered with regard to the learning materials. With the online discussion-based whiteboard animation can be beneficial for students to exchange opinions so that every student has an equal opportunity to express their ideas and to encourage consideration of the other students in deciding solution to the problems faced by presenting the motivation to solve the problem.

3. Activities to-face learning that focuses on solving problems
See the whiteboard animation-based learning focused on solving the problem, followed by a presentation to stimulate students and improve problem-solving abilities and understanding of concepts. Learning in such a method becomes more meaningful and lasting more spirit and have a clear direction. Thus the time for the activities provided more understanding of the concept, resulting in the more concepts that can be discussed.
In general, it can be described that the method of learning to see the whiteboard animation has the advantage for the students that have more opportunities to utilise the knowledge and skills already possessed. Second, students can actively participate in expressing his ideas. Third, students can be members in response to the problems in their own way as members evidence of an explanation of the selected strategy in solving the problem. Lastly, the student experience more in addressing problems so as to improve the understanding of the concepts taught.