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Your home didn’t have any window? This might help you

Double Glazing Zone – The windows is the entrance for natural light. Besides that, the window could also be used as the decoration and focal point for the room. Furthermore, the curtain that you can put on the window will complete your room interior. Not only that, you can also enjoy the outside view from the window. However, what if there is a house that doesn’t have any windows at all? The first impression is usually the heat, stuffy, and doesn’t have a good energy. So, what we need to do?

Artificial window

If your room isn’t have any real window, try to make the artificial one. It’s pretty simple, use a wooden frame and hang it on the wall. Don’t let it just the way it is. You can put a photo inside the frame with a beautiful sea scenery. In order to make it looks like having the real light from the outside, you can put a lights bulb behind it.

The lighting

It’s common for the windowless room to have the poor lighting. So, you need to make a good one, and it’s the ambient lighting. You can put it on the wall panel or the ceiling, so it will generates the natural light. You can also use the skylight ceiling to improve the interior lighting.


Another way to improve your windowless room is by painting the wall with the bright colored paint. You can try the blue and green colors. Don’t use the dark colors due it will make your room feels cramped and stuffy visually.

Focus point

Without any window, a room would feels flat. So, in order to prevent that, you need to make something as its focus point such as : paintings, long woven fabric, artifact weapons, or any art objects.

Those are the tips on how to improve a windowless room. However, for the health of the homeowner, we recommended the real windows, so the room will be able to circulate the air and light better than before.